How anime inspired Streetwear Fashion

Streetwear and Anime don’t seem like two different things anymore. Today, the world of Japanese fashion streetwear has a lot of anime styles. It is believed that the cartoonish street fashion originates from Tokyo’s Harajuku district that marked a revolution in Japanese fashion.

Anime: More Lifestyle than Fashion

Anime is a fascinating TV sensation that finds its way to comic books known as manga into TV shows. Then how Anime affect fashion? In reality, it is not just the anime, but the lifestyle of individuals who watch Anime. When people opt for flashy and comfortable clothes, they are required to substitute their present fashion trends.

Regarding this, the inflexibility of the Japanese culture is being mocked with highly comfortable clothing occupying the market. These clothes are not only worn by anime lovers to feel relaxed but they love what it tells about their unique lifestyle – it is not all meant to be being serious and working all the time.

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Anime commands fashion rules

Anime is affection the fashion rules in various ways in addition to the comfortable and relaxed lifestyle-oriented apparel that goes opposite to the harsh business dresses. In contrast, we are starting to witness a lot of anime designs, and many colors begin to occupy the dressers and closets of Japanese.

If you look at the streets of the busy cities, you will see business uniforms and school uniforms. You usually would not witness flash and bright colors portraying scenes of love and battle. However, all of these are becoming more common today. People feel less stress to leave their comfortable and fun clothing behind while they move out on the street.

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A sense of belonging

People need relaxed apparel, unique outfits, and bright colors to show their love for anime. Besides, they need a sense of belonging among their social group. When a person who loves anime watches another person with an Anime outfit showing their favorite character, they will know they are in great company and can start a conversation.

Chibi Gon and Killua Hunter x Hunter


Modern Japanese street style

The breakdown of modern Japanese street style is somehow like this:

1. Lolita: Dresses like Victorian-style having lots of lace and bright colors.

2. Visual Kei: Showy, colorful apparel, and makeover that creates a rock star look.

3. Kogal: A Gyaru’s subculture with slight tans, school uniforms with short dresses, and long nails. It tries to copy the California girl's appearance.

4. Gyaru: Wild outlooks, light color hairs, slight tans, and loads of other things to create a look of a bratty European girl. It is a fascinating choice.

5. Kawaii Boys: Light hair, pastel colors and focuses on having high energy. It is very famous among music bands and groups.

6. Kimono style: It is a superior fashion idea where people have pervaded the classical kimono appearance into their clothing style.

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Anime has entirely transformed the way people think about streetwear in Japan and throughout the world. Currently, people are valuing their personalization and look for the apparel style that makes them feel relaxed. That may mean wearing a comfy cape to keep them cozy or using flash colors that depict their personality, such changes are important.

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