Japanese streetwear: A guide to the best streetwear

Streetwear style is characterized by a comfortable, modest, and relaxed atmosphere. Though streetwear fashion began in the United States, the trend strikes the international market during the 1990s and found its home in the Asian market, particularly in Japan.

Cheerful industry

Today, Japanese streetwear fashion is a booming industry, initiating from being an only attention-grabbing clothing movement that hovers social customs. This Japanese Fashion continues to evolve in prominence, influence, and wealth, not only in Japan but across the globe.

Beginning of streetwear

The evolution of streetwear fashion is inevitable in Japan especially in the Harajuku zone of Tokyo, where a huge number of people have rebellious affinities and a wish to look unique and distinctive. During the 1990s, the youth of currently residing Japanese in Harajuku uncover the apparel trend that they were looking for, due to the countercultural spirit of streetwear.

Preview of history

When the streetwear fashion reached Japan from the United States, it was widely accepted, starting with the youth of Harajuku who actively followed this trend in clothes. The streetwear fashion trend starts to grow because of the novelty and competition inherent in imported goods. Companies manufacturing Japanese streetwear have also connected with designers and celebrities to create unique and limited-edition apparel that affect the desires of people.

Harajuku Style Golden Embroidered Dragon Hoodie

The demand for Japanese streetwear

Nowadays the efforts made by Japanese streetwear businesses to vend this fashion still bear fruit for the industry. According to a study, 32% of local users pay an extra $500 on a separate streetwear item, particularly in contrast to just $100-300 per non-Japanese customer spending on each component. Japanese Streetwear Guide has formerly documented its global dominance, mostly because of its high-quality, and cutting-edge models. The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan has long been known for manufacturing personalized experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

Japanese Landscape Hoodie

Dedication for new ideas

The dedication of the Japanese towards innovation ranges from electronics to popular fashion like streetwear. Besides using high quality and the best fabric, Japanese streetwear brands mostly focus on making many unique styles adapted to the style of each customer. In Japan, casual wear is used to be more comfortable and friendly as compared to other Asian street fashion. Japanese Streetwear Guide allows people to choose their favorite look instead of following already set streetwear guidelines.

Harajuk Style Techwear Casual Pants

Japanese streetwear guide

Japanese Streetwear style guide that may help you with your Japanese streetwear fashion:

Create a bold look by sporting a simple care-grasping print tee.
Visualize a trendy and bulky look by matching a wide T-shirt with same sized denim trouser.
Be bold with your choices in terms of style.
Be inventive by repurposing pieces of your clothing
With the rising demand, Japanese streetwear will continue its trend to move upward and spread to other countries throughout the world.

Wrapping it up

If you would like a fashion of attire that characterizes tradition and individuality, buy your Japanese streetwear from reliable brands selling quality products like Harajuku Streetwear.

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