Harajuku Style "Zenitsu" Shorts

CHF 45.00

Our Harajuku Style "Zenitsu" Shorts are made with high quality cotton completed with premium side seamed pockets along with drawstrings for max comfort and mobility. The shorts are also complimented by an electrifying graphic design of Zenitsu in his "Thunder Breathing Style" stance. This electrifying piece is sure to be a new favorite in your collection!


  • High Quality Cotton and Polyester Blended Material
  • Worldwide Shipping and 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Regular US/EU Fit but please refer to sizing chart for exact measurements


All of our apparel is hand checked for absolute precision. We pay great attention to detail and ensure that all of our products are long lasting and comfortable. Feel great knowing you're wearing the best in modern Japanese Streetwear.