Harajuku Style Naruto "Akatsuki Red Cloud" Pendant Necklace



Attention all Naruto fans, we have some accessories for you! Our new Harajuku Style Naruto "Akatsuki Red Cloud" Pendant Necklace is inspired by the symbol of justice of the wars that rained blood down on the Hidden Rain Village. Made to last a lifetime due to the high quality titanium silver plated steel. The pendant itself is small and simplistic, yet is a powerful statement piece. Take your streetwear fits to the next level with our minimalistic anime designs that will work with any outfit!


    • Made out of premium titanium steel, which is resistant to bending and scratching.
    • Durable chain, easily adjustable to your desired length with metal clasp.
    • Pendant Size: 2.6cm x 3.5cm
    • Chain Length: 70cm
    • Weight: 23.7g


    All of our apparel is hand checked for absolute precision. We pay great attention to detail and ensure that all of our products are long lasting and comfortable. Feel great knowing you're wearing the best in modern Japanese Streetwear.