Harajuku Style Embroidered Folklore Hoodie

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Our Harajuku Style Embroidered Folklore Hoodie is a unique piece that perfectly captures the Japanese streetwear style. This premium hoodie is has a range of embroidered mythological and symbolic animals used in Japanese Folklore such as detailed phoenix, turtle, dragon, and tiger. It also showcases vibrant colors and cherry blossoms ("sakura") wrapping from the back to the front, and even the sleeve. This hoodie is made of only the highest quality material and has thickness to it guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy throughout it's whole lifetime, shop now and take advantage of our free shipping and 30 day money back guarantee!


  • High-quality Harajuku Style precise embroidery graphic that spans across the whole hoodie and up the sleeves.
  • Our embroidery uses 15+ different thread colors for a unique and vibrant picture.
  • Soft fleece interior, always comfortable.
  • High Quality Heavyweight Organic Cotton Material
  • We recommend you size up 1-2 sizes to get US sizing, but please refer to the size chart!


All of our apparel is hand checked for absolute precision. We pay great attention to detail and ensure that all of our products are long lasting and comfortable. Feel great knowing you're wearing the best in modern Japanese Streetwear.