About Us

What is Harajuku Streetwear?

Harajuku Streetwear is a multi-brand fashion retailer specializing in Asian Street Fashion. Our mission is to bring reliable high quality styles and pieces from various countries and cultures in Asia to the believe countries like Japan have a such proud and unique style that we would love to share with the world.

We work with designers and brands from all over East Asia, including Japan, China, Korea, and the Philippines, to bring you collections inspired by the various cultures to showcase the rich history and style that is unique to Asia.

Why are we called Harajuku Streetwear?

Harajuku, a famous fashion district in Tokyo, is all about showcasing your individuality and creativity through your outfit choices. There's no one set style in Harajuku - it's constantly evolving with new genres and sub-genres popping up all the time. It's about dressing however you want, but pushing the boundaries with each outfit, making a statement about who you are and owning it.

We wanted to push the message that everyone should live being fully confident in their unique sense of self and showcasing it through their fashion. We wanted everyone to live the Harajuku Lifestyle by providing an expansive selection of  unique styles and high quality products that can allow our customers to feel confident in fully expressing themselves and their individuality.

With love,

The Harajuku Team