Harajuku fashion is a popular and fun way to play with style and fashion in Japan and throughout the world, but what does Harajuku style mean?

A district in Tokyo, Harajuku is a prominent place for emerging Japanese fashion. This place is similar to a fascinating theme park for Japanese girls in their early twenties and teenage with plenty of boutiques and shops providing mixed tastes.

Harajuku creates new fashion trend in the whole world with the term “Kawaii”. Harajuku style is imaginative and creative to the limit that it may look weird to the older generations at times but easily integrating a person’s taste is exactly what the spirit of Harajuku fashion is. Over the weekends the Harajuku streets buzz with girls who love Kawaii fashion searching for Kawaii clothes.

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What is the Harajuku Fashion?

The unique Harajuku Style is famous across the globe owing to its candy-colored, bright outfits with lots of blown up accessories. Kawaii is a commonly used term in Japan which means “cute” and Japanese use this term for everything ranging from a well-decorated cake to a small dog but in terms of fashion, it is a particular apparel style.

In the case of clothes, Kawaii means intricate attire having pastel or bright colors, layers, decorative accessories, and exaggerated hairstyles and colors. The dress is a bang of fun from head to toe; however, it is put together very carefully. Typically, it incorporates a powerful combo of Japanese and western clothing, while vintage items and childhood pieces can also be added.

There are several genres such as Gothic-Lolita, Lolita, Fairy-Kei, and Decora which added to and created alongside the Harajuku fashion. Lolita is pretty much popular; other choices like Decora include excessive accessories while Fairy-Kei has a more illusory attitude.

Refusing the customs of society, the outfits enable the person who wears them, to express themselves and disregard the famous fashion trends.

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Harajuku Fashion History

This fashion trend originates before the early 1980s. Similar to other fashion trends, Harajuku fashion changes, sub-genres are created, and the approaches of fashionistas change. It means that Harajuku styles have always been the style to enjoy without the distress of being judged and will always be.

Dressing the Harajuku Style

Wearing Harajuku style is like dressing in a combination of all the popular Japanese sub-styles, for instance, Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Cosplay, Visual kei, cutesy Fairy Kei, Decora, Gyaru, and punk rock attire. Classical Japanese clothes such as wooden sandals and Kimonos have been incorporated into the look since its beginning.

Vintage and retro clothes are also good to add to your appearance. Personalized or self-created items are also great. Choose what makes you happy and mix everything to create a unique look. In Harajuku style, more is good, so it is fine to layer up many pieces of clothes. In Harajuku, you are free to dress exactly as you want, you can be creative without shying from your creativity and imagination.

Accessorizing the Harajuku way

Don’t think about tasteful accessories and wear kids plastic jewelry, eighties trashy junk, and anything you can grab. Accessories don’t have to match with your outfit but the more outrageous, the better. Go for any hair color you want and try crazy hairdos. Pastel and neon are trending now. Your eyes' color is also a part of the Harajuku style.

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How to enjoy Harajuku Fashion

Whether you are enjoying Harajuku fashion for a long or new to this style, Takeshita is a great place to enjoy and experience it. Dress up in your clothing and go out shopping for new items to begin your collection of Harajuku-style items.

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Harajuku style is all about the way the person feels while wearing it. This style is a way to express their feelings and creativity instead of getting a particular look. Thus, if we look at Harajuku fashion today as a way of expression, it is obvious that Harajuku fashion trends are much blooming and thriving.

Generation nowadays is more expressive across the globe regarding their feelings and ideas. The Harajuku street style and other street fashion of other areas are intended to let people express their feelings and personality visually using anything ranging from Gothic Lolita dresses to Kawaii earrings.

However, it doesn’t mean that a similar appearance can’t be created among the people wearing Harajuku style because they can. When individuals having the same mindsets come together to show their innovative sides, they create ideas along with each other, which is when the genres and visual styles are originated. Such genres include Cosplay, Fairy-Kei, and many more.

Don't take it too seriously

Harajuku fashion hardly has any guidelines or rules so you can opt for anything you want to without any fear about whether it looks normal or fitting in the style. This is the main point of the Harajuku look. While mostly Harajuku style is considered as a teenage look, there are no such age limits. You also don’t have to worry about the matching of clothes; it is fine if you like your dress and overall look. You are not restricted to a particular style and you don’t have to follow a certain fashion and you can create a mix of all of them. You can choose a different style each day as Harajuku is all about self-expression.

Always carry a Smile

Fashion is a great way to express your feelings and ideas, irrespective of the opinion of other people. So always carry a smile and stun your Harajuku style. I anticipate seeing more people accepting the Harajuku fashion trend and having fun in style. If you are a lover of the Harajuku style, keep on swaying that style. Be you, own your appearance, and stay lively!

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